In between two diferent feelings, two sides of the same sword, two meanings for the same word Im always in between the real and the dream, the good and the evil, the You and the She.

Sometimes it seems there's no space for me in this life...your world, my own dream is bigger than me, I'm divided between the pleasure and the duty, the word and the action... a Hi and a goodbye, the fear and the courage...

Is hard for me to face a day without hopes, without him, without them but the warrior in me makes keep on fighting until I reache my beloved goal or die trying.

Is time for this world to know that I will go on till the end, no matter what I will always see the end of the road, Im savig the mistery, killing the secret, getting ready once more.

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{ Odi Noyola } at: 13 de abril de 2009, 15:29 dijo...

^^¡Súper preciosidad! ¡Encanta! y sentirme muy conectada con cada palabra. Dividida, en el medio. Entre el él y el ella. Guardando el misterio pero matando parte de lo secreto, etc. etc. ¡Sos Genial! ¡reGracias Guapa chula!^^♦




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